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I have over 15 years of experience in adult education, delivering a wide range of materials to novice through expert learners using in-person and virtual modalities. I also have extensive experience coaching individuals, leading/facilitating groups, and teaching in formal classroom environments. Most recently I have focused on mastering digital tools for eLearning, especially Articulate Storyline, and I am comfortable with a range of supporting tools including Camtasia, Adobe Illustrator and XD, Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, as well as Google Suite.

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Inspired by Kathy Moore's Map It, I strive to create learning experiences that emphasize interaction to foster learning. My process draws especially on the Agile approach of SAM (Successive Approximation Model) and involves prototyping interactions from the start to ensure creation of learning that is effective (measured in real world outcomes), engaging (measured in user response), and fully accessible (measured against recognized benchmarks).

To my mind, the best teachers are also constant learners, and I love to explore new tools and techniques for learning, as well as new content areas (language and history are favorites). When not teaching or learning, I enjoy hiking/walking in nature, travel, cooking, and playing piano.

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